Molly Yoo

This page is dedicated to Molly Yoo. Molly was a fantastic dog who graced us with her presence. We miss her every day.

Ptheven (aka Tuna)

Ptheven is an internet meme that our lab loves so much we bought a replica of him. He enjoys meeting new friends, hiding in lab plants, and chilling on Andrew’s desk.


Jiji is a tiny monster who loves food with all of his cold heart, and will do anything for snacks. He knows sit, lay down, high five, spin, paw, and fist bump. He enjoys learning new tricks, especially because he gets snacks.


Peanut is a strong, independent corgi. Filled with more personality than can fit in her stumpy little legs, she is always on the hunt for crumbs and belly rubs. Although sassy, she is also extremely smart, and is eager to please those she decides are worth it.


Comi signifies “little” in Korean, as Comi was so tiny when adopted. She had the biggest green eyes as a kitten. Comi loves to play with her feather toys, enjoy delicious tuna snacks, and give her human head boops.


Ellie joined the Yoo Family in early 2020! While she’s growing like a sprout, she hasn’t quite caught up to those ears just yet. Ellie graduated obedience school and then ate her big sister’s homework the next day.